Faszination Modelltech
International trade fair for
model aircraft, cars & trucks
18.–20. MARCH 2016 SINSHEIM
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Pressinfo 01: Faszination MODELLTECH 2014, Home of the Stars

Home of the stars
Faszination MODELLTECH from 21-23 March 2014 in Sinsheim

Star-studded display
An 18-cylinder double row radial engine is destined to be a "radiant" star among the exhibits at Faszination MODELLTECH. It is one-of-a-kind, unique the world over. There are not many people who have the determination to construct a multi-cylinder radial engine right up to functional maturity. But here is someone who has taken it to the limit: Andreas Heilemann is bringing his 18-cylinder radial engine to exhibit at the show. The engine is brand new and according to Heilemann it is the only methanol-fuelled one of its kind worldwide.

Specialists like Heilemann are hard to find - unless you come to Faszination MODELLTECH. At the fair he will be passing his knowledge on by holding workshops. Several times a day he will cover topics ranging from how a radial engine works to technical refinements in model construction. And of course visitors' questions will be welcome.

Aerobatics add magic to the flight show
This year the Flugsportring Kraichgau club, whose airfield hosts the FMT Innovations Flight Show, will once again add a thrill to the show with an aerobatics display using a manned plane. And what makes this year's display so extraordinary is that the plane won't be one of those wild machines with a roll rate of 400°/s, but a Fournier RF4D - a motor glider. That aerobatics are even possible with a plane like this will be proved by Thomas Neudel, one of the most experienced pilots of the Flugsportring Kraichgau.

Glider with electric impeller
It's quite something to see a Swift with a wingspan of 3.2 metres powered by a retractable electric impeller. Thomas Seidel of "Thommys Modellbau" in Sinsheim will be offering this turbine-like drive unit and the glider as a set, presenting his technical masterpiece for the first time at the show. "I hope I will have the model ready to fly in time to present it at the FMT Innovations Flight Show", Seidel said a few weeks before the fair. He is also working around-the-clock on further innovations that he wants to bring to the exhibition. He's keeping quiet about their identity in order to ensure availability at the show.

High standard
EMC-Vega is another exhibitor with surprises in store for us. This specialist for hi-start technology and premium glider models will be bringing top-quality products to Faszination MODELLTECH. Along with many other companies who are happy to return to the show this year. Which is no wonder, considering that the results of the visitor survey showed a high degree of satisfaction: 82% of visitors gave Faszination MODELLTECH a "good/very good" rating. Sinsheim marks the start of the new season. This is where the public can see top products by companies such as multiplex, who incidentally recently declared that for them Faszination MODELLTECH is the ideal event at which to present innovations for the first time- and not necessarily at the Nuremberg toy fair

A visit to Faszination MODELLTECH is certainly worthwhile. It will be an impressive start to the model aircraft season - that's for sure!


Climbing, pulling, balancing
The Roadworker Arena is a highlight for model truck fans. No other driving course is so relentless, so challenging - where truck drivers must conquer steep slopes, overcome seemingly impossible obstacles and test the limits of their models in pulling and balancing contests. Thrills and excitement for drivers and spectators alike. Apart from top-quality products, ambitious modellers will find that the truck area is a treasure trove of technical information and competent answers to any questions concerning truck modelling.

Racing and bashing
Organisers of the various event areas at Faszination MODELLTECH are literally waiting in the starting blocks. Sven Gefeller, organiser of the RC car racetrack says his team are highly motivated and ready for action. And this year they are going a step further, by inviting guest drivers to join in and take part in races. A new time-measuring device will add to the excitement. "Including guest drivers in various races will increase the fascination for spectators. And then of course there are our Freestyle and Revoball shows", says Gefeller. These are indeed two shows not to be missed. Freestyle means a wild chase around the off-road course, with brilliant stunts and demonstrations of skill, while Revoball must be the game with the highest rate of material wear and tear on the RC car circuit, a kind of football for RC cars where nothing is spared - neither your own car, not the opponent's, nor the ball. Last year Revoball turned out to be a great favourite among the audience so good fun can be expected by all - players and spectators alike.

Harmonious action on the military and truck layouts
The military model layout is decidedly more peaceful, with Russians, Americans and other nations playing out their manoeuvres in perfect harmony. The fascination of these vehicles is their technical brilliance and functional perfection, presented on an authentically designed military landscape.

The truck layouts present construction machines in scale 1:12 and trucks in scale 1:16. The wide variety of machines and trucks on show include some impeccably built, rare and unique models. From experience we recommend that visitors take time to have a good look, for there is many a special feature to be discovered. But sometimes it takes patience, as they are likely to be hidden in the detail.

The layouts will be located in the additional large marquees that are constructed adjacent to Hall 6. Interested guest drivers can apply for participation to: gastfahrer@black-widow-crew.de

Take part in the HotStuff competition
Hot prizes in the form of shopping vouchers can be won in the MODELLTECH online photo contest. We are looking for the best, the coolest, or just your favourite model engineering action photo. Prizes will be awarded to the three best photos! First prize is a voucher worth 300 euros, second prize 150 euros and third prize 50 euros. The vouchers can be redeemed directly at the Faszination MODELLTECH or Faszination ModellBAHN fairs. And of course the three winners will have free admission to the show. All further information on the HotStuff-competition can be found at www.faszination-modelltech.de.

Buy your ticket online!
For quick and easy admission to Faszination MODELLTECH without having to queue, you can buy and print out your ticket online. You will find the form on the Faszination MODELLTECH homepage at http://www.faszination-modelltech.de/en/visitors/event-information/advance_ticket/.

Two weeks before the MODELLTECH show, Sinsheim offers the ideal event for model railway fans: Faszination MODELLBAHN from 7th - 9th March 2014. This is where specialists, small series manufacturers and the big brand names in railway modelling get together. If you have the opportunity to visit both events, there is a combined ticket for both fairs for only 16 euros, available at the ticket office at Faszination MODELLBAHN Sinsheim.


"We were very satisfied, a great deal of trade visitors and the halls were full" (Nikolas Wetzel, Derkum). "We believe that the fair has taken the right step. We had very good positive conversations and great customers. The stand was very full - keep it up!" (Frank Müller, Horizon Hobby). "In general I would say that it was worth taking part,although sales at the stand were quite modest. But considering the high-end product it is probably a question of whether the customer comes to the fair with enough cash in his pocket or whether he takes a brochure and then orders online at home." (Gunter Zielke, Smoke-EL). "We're back again - back in Sinsheim. It's good to be here. We are very happy with the fair. We look forward to Sinsheim 2014" (Thomas Peter, Multiplex).  "We enjoyed the three days with a really competent and interested audience." (Ingeborg Jahn, robbe modellsport)

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Event dates:                    21 - 23 March 2014

Opening times:

Friday - Saturday             09:00 am - 06:00 pm

Sunday                            09:00 am - 05:00 pm 

Admission prices:

One-day ticket, adult       10.00 €

One-day ticket reduced    8.00 €

(Children aged 9 - 17 years, pupils, students, pensioners and disabled)

Happy Hour ticket             5.00 €

(valid as from 3:00 pm)

Two-day ticket, adult       16.00 €

Family ticket                    25.00 €

(2 adults + 2 children aged 9 - 17 years)

Children up to 8 years free of charge


Further information at www.faszination-modelltech.de

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