Faszination Modelltech
International trade fair for
model aircraft, cars & trucks
24.–26. MARCH 2017 SINSHEIM

3, 2, 1 - Talented racing drivers, flying aces and precision artists launch into the 2017 modelling season!

With exhilarating indoor shows, product presentations and the latest in modelling technology FASZINATION MODELLTECH in Sinsheim gets the 2017 model engineering season off to an impressively dynamic start. The numerous dedicated exhibitors, clubs and societies, experts and insiders present the freshest trends of the industry live und in action: Sprightly model aircraft, classy RC cars and powerful truck models inspire the modelling community year after year in many different ways at FASZINATION MODELLTECH!



Final report: Effective trade fair concept and enthusiastic audience at Faszination Modelltech 2016 in Sinsheim

The great attraction of model engineering as a hobby was demonstrated once again at this year's edition of the impressive and enterprising show Faszination Modelltech at Messe Sinsheim. The first modelling event of the season...read on


Pole position in the model engineering scene: FASZINATION MODELLTECH opens the season from 18 - 20 March 2016!

The finishing line is visible on the horizon, specks of dust whirling through the air, one last bout of acceleration! FASZINATION MODELLTECH, international exhibition for model aircraft, cars & trucks, is ready to open its gates...read on


Air show "Take-Off 2016" is the first high of the season

The air show "Take-off 2016" organised by aeromodelling magazine FMT is a highlight at the start of the new season. It takes place on the weekend of 19/20 March 2016 as part of the model engineering show Faszination MODELLTECH in...read on